Home of the PIROTECHNICS  – F.A.M.I.L.E –

– F i r e –
– A r t –
– M u s i c –
– I n t e g r i t y –
– L i f e s t y l e –
– E V E N T S –

From humble beginnings in 2006, the Pirotechnics crew have been constantly evolving and providing quality music, events and entertainment. We believe in putting on the best possible party, freedom of expression and having a good time. Our music, DJs and Live artists come from all over the world! From Psychedelic, Progressive, Trance, Dubstep, Electro & Techno right through to Rock, Metal, Hip hop & Rap, we play all styles and genres.

Pirotechnics events pride ourselves on having live entertainment that will shock, amaze and leave you in wonderment. Fire Performers, Burlesque Beauties, Circus Stars, Professional  Wrestlers & so much more. Performance is our passion and we do this because we love it! Our art and performance entertainment knows no bounds and is limited only by imagination. Sit and watch or participate and play your part, We are one tribe, you are the art. Be you searching for fun or just wanting to see something new, come to our next show and join the crew.


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