CANARCHY III – Pirate Power

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CANARCHY III – “Pirate Power”

May 19th 2012


We are the sound of the Revolution.
Want a gathering with a difference?
Well we got the solution.
Come join the crew,
We hope you enjoy your stay.
Let your mind wander,
Let your imagination play.
We’ll dance a pirate jig,
We’ll stomp to a phat tune.
With a Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum,
We’ll be under the stars and moon.
So come contribute to the gathering,
help make it the best it can be.
We’re going to do this because we can,
This is Canarchy!


Get ready as Canarchy returns for an outdoor full power party! Our Goal for this event is to raise funds & awareness for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  Our theme is “Pirate Power” – Dress in pirate theme & get your pirate stagger on =)


This gathering is not just about music but also sharing, gifting and supporting a good cause. Please do what you can to contribute to the gathering. Be it by bringing some extra food, drink, body paint, decor, shade, rugs or even just by giving hugs. What goes around comes around. We’ve had 6 years of wonderful fun times, lets make sure the good times keep on coming.


We are requesting $15 donations per person. All profits from donations will go towards the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. If you can afford more, please donate what you feel this event is worth to you. The cost of putting on a party like this is quite high. There will be people collecting at various points during the gathering.


SOUND by Pirotechnics crew Sound System:
It may not be huge as our budget is low, So please donate to help the sound grow.

ART SPACE by A.I.P (Anything is Paintable) Alice D, & more.


Rubbish-  TAKE ALL YOUR RUBBISH HOME WITH YOU! Bring plenty of garbage bags and Leave the area as you found it!


Fires-  Never leave a fire unattended! We will have a communal camp fire. Do not start your own, it’s much better when we share the warmth together. Please be fire safe.


Carpooling- This is one of the best ways to reduce our impact on both the environment and our own pocket. If anyone is driving up with space in their car and can give some other peeps a lift please post in here. Lets reduce our environmental footprint and tyreprint too!


* This is not a public event! *  This is a private gathering of friends. If you are our friend or a friend of our cause, you are welcome to join us =)


We want to make Canarchy III the best it can be. As this party is for all of you, the best way we can make it more awesome is with your help. If you would like to be a part of the crew and help with this event please post your interest on the facebook event page:


** Attend at own risk! **

Line up & More info coming soon.



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