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One Venue / Over 7 crews / An electronic Sensory experience.

Come join the tribes and celebrate the End of the World, the Festive Collective, the Christmas Connection!

Psychedelic Trance // Progressive // Full On // Dubstep // Glitch // Tech

Friday 21st December 2012
Pirotechnics Events

3rd Dimension

Silent Partner

Limitless Events

Beyond the Drop

Anything is Paintable

Tranceparent Productions

& more present:

A celebration of what ever you choose!

Be it the Apocalypse & end of the world.
Be it Christmas or Festivus.
Be it the end of the Mayan Calendar.
Be it your Cat or Dogs Birthday.
What ever the reason may be, its PARTY TIME,
And we have the PERFECT EXCUSE!

Come and reconnect with old friends, make a new connection with a friend you’ve never met or connect with the dance floor. December 21st 2012 is a time to make a deeper connection and re align yourself. With over 5 crews connecting together to create a magical experience, this is the perfect excuse to forget about everything else for a night and come enjoy life!
Friday 21st December 2012



Announced Artist line up so far:
[in alphabetical order]

Autopsy [kaos krew]


Bankai [Pirotechnics]

Big Fucking Robots [Limitless]

Bun-D.M.C [Pirotechnics]

Construx [Mutagen/BioMechanix Rec]

Cyke [Terror Lab Industries]

Devils advocate [Limitless]

Dr. Quinn [TBC]

Glacial [Replicant rec/mmd]

Harry Blotter [Beyond the Drop]

Liquid Motion [Trip T Out]

Mortisville [Hellzapoppin]

Nerv [Fractal Rec]

Orb Weaver [Pirotechnics]

Paraform [silent partner]

Perceptor [Pirotechnics]

SpawnaFunk [TBC]

St Luke [3rd Dimension]

Woodrow [silent partner]

And More!


Indoor Cinema Room / Chill Space

Visuals by VJ: Intelligence of Insanity

Body & Face painting space by A.I.P! (anything is paintable)
More info coming soon.

See you on the floor!  🙂

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“Mushroom Cup” – A Psychedalic Journey

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3rd Dimension, Tranceparent Productions, Pirotechnics, TripTout events & Beyond the Drop present:

“Mushroom Cup” – A Psychedalic Journey playing Prog thru to Full On PSY!


Harry Blotter
St. Luke
Liquid Motion
Jdee vs Damsha
Orb Weaver
Tech Aid
DJ Ego
Miss Terry
Heavywait N.C

Melbourne Cup Eve, Monday 5th November 2012

CBD Nightclub – 12 McKillop St City.

Guest list $12/ General $15

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