Captain Palette Returns!

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Captain Palette Returns! 

Saturday 31st Jan 2015 –  5pm  – 1am.

Station 59.  59 Church St, Richmond.



Captain Palette Returns! 

Saturday 31st Jan 2015, Save the date for something special as the Captain is back.

The Captain Palette art project is about creating an inspirational event, run by artists for everyone to enjoy!

We will have Live Art, Live Music, A gallery space, DJs, Art installations, Visual Projections, an art jam and much more. 

Tickets: Limited early bird tickets available from:

This is your chance to make new creative friends and join the captain palette crew as we get together again. Discuss your ideas with other artists, get feed back, collaborate, inspire others and be inspired! 


The Captain Palette Gallery area will be featuring original art by some of our favorite local artists. Be sure to check out the creative skill display with Art by:
Julia Sant-Mire 
Jessica Jane Rule 
Jesse Bigmore
Jade Williams
Joey Judd
Jessica McKerlie
Josh Michael
Evon Stepien
Terése Zu
Adam Pearce


Dread Art: We will be hosting a live Dread Art space and exhibition. This is something truly unique and dreadfully awesome. Check out Dread Art here:]


Visuals: Billy X Creations will be making live fractal visual projection art. Check out his stuff here:]



Live Music:


Red Worm

Horns of Pan ( Anthony Bones Reid )]

Myshyte ( Rory McDougall )]

Bishnu ( Adam Bishop )]




Transcend Human Limits ( Andrew McGill-Brown )

Helios:Maddock ( Jame Smaddock )

Interfraxion ( Mitch Ranky )


Plus:   Sophie deLightful will be performing Live!

“To find love is ideal, to keep it is special, to lose it is heartbreaking. Exploring this all-consuming pain, Sophie deLightful will take you back to the deep, dark place that no one likes but everyone knows. Ella es… Sola y llorando”



SET TIMES for Captain Palette Returns this Saturday!

5:00pm Interfraxion 
6:15pm Bishnu
7:00pm Myshyte
7:45pm Horns of Pan
8:30pm Bun-D.M.C
8:45pm Sophie deLightful
9:00pm Prophets
9:45pm Bun-D.M.C
10:00pm Red Worm
11:00pm Transcend Human Limits
12:00am Helios:Maddock
1:00am Close


Location: Station 59 – 59 Church St, Richmond


Date: Saturday 31st Jan. 5pm – 1am


Tickets: $10 Pre-sale.  (sold out!)


$15 Guest list / before 8pm. 

$18 General admission on the door. 



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