Pirainia at Earthcore 2015

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Pirotechnics.net presents Pirainia as we join the wild antics of the District 13 Theme Camp Zone!

Having run the Pirotechnics renegade stage at earthcore 2008, the Pirotechnics crew are no strangers to earthcore and this year Pirainia will step it up to level 42!

This theme camp is more than a stage, Pirainia is a constantly evolving world of its own featuring an interactive experience combining music, art, performance & culture. Come and experience the nomadic micronation that is Pirainia.

Feast at the buffet of awesomeness by tasting the sounds of great DJ’s or throw down in our pillow fight tournament. If you are looking for a more chilled experience then be mentally stimulated by our art installation and time travel workshop or just sit back and watch some night time cinema, there is something for everyone at Pirainia !

Pirainia is a happy place where anything is possible.

Read more at  http://www.earthcore.com.au/arts/district-13-theme-camps/pirainia/

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