Captain Palette! Pirates & Mermaids

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Pirotechnics Events is turning 10!


So to celebrate, we’re going to have our biggest Captain Palette Art Party ever:

Captain Palette – Pirates & Mermaids!

Friday 18th March @ Brown Alley (colonial hotel)


Tickets are now available online here:


Get dressed up in your best Pirate or Mermaid outfit and join us for a Captain Palette Fundraiser, exhibition and celebration of ART!

Featuring art across 2 rooms by Artists:

The Art of Dan Verkys
Sarah Masson
Julia Sant-Mire
Alex Êdward Zilla
Baby Voodoo
Jessica Gillespie
Brecon Gibbs
Olek Kalinowski
Chelsea Brown
The Art of Jesse Bigmore: Chaos Beatnik
Terése Zu

Music across 2 rooms by DJs:

Mortisville & Friends
Dj Hellraiser
Peter Piro Weber / “Bun-D.M.C”
KaTgirl vs Vajazzle
Adrian Bell
Dr Hefna
Sam Gibbard
Madeline Snow
Heavywait N.C
+ more.

Live performances by:

Alvina Dance Company
The Bouquet Babes
Miss Terry
+ more


Presale tickets:

Early Bird $15 +bf
General presale $20 +bf

More on the door (if not sold out!)

* this event is strictly limited to 420 tickets *

It’s hard to believe but for the last 10 years Pirotechnics events has been rocking dancefloors and pushing the boundaries to bring you top quality events with a twist.

So now we’re bringing you an event so epic it’s been 10 years in the making!

The history of Pirotechnics Events:

From humble beginnings in 2006 with our first event “Peppermint @ the Apartment”, it was a drop in a lake that created a ripple which is still going today. Over the years Peppermint had a total of 19 classic Peppermint parties @ the Apartment with its infamous Hot tub on the rooftop.

2006 also saw the 1st “Toons Alive” party at Eurotrash. In later years this became a regular event blowing the roof off many great venues.

2007, 2008 & 2009 saw Room 680 & Inflation host Toons Alive – The Psycho Circus! A circus spectacular complete with sword & fluorescent light tube swallowing, magicians, jugglers, clowns & all sorts of side show fun.

In 2010 & 2011 @ RMH & Room 680 we hosted Toons Alive – Tranceplant! A medical theme party full of doctor, nurses, patients & play.

Moving outdoors, in 2010 Pirotehcnics events with the help of some friends and other crews started “P.R.O.D – Peoples Republic Of Doof” which was a party run by the people, for the people.

Other event series from 2009 – 2012 such as Inpsyt, perfect excuse & mushroom cup @ CBD and the outdoor Doof series of Canarcy parties also helped shape the future of Pirotechnics events as we know it today.

Burning for new adventures, 2011 Saw Pirotechnics events first Burning Seed Theme Camp A.I.P – Anything is paintable. An artistic theme camp with a focus on self-expression through painting.

In 2012 Pirotehcnics events pushed the boundaries even further and started WPW – World Party Wrestling. The 3 WPW events @ Room 680 combined a crazy live Pro-wrestling show, Burlesque, DJs, Fire shows, Cabaret and circus performers.

Years after its original concept, in 2013 Pirainia became a Theme Camp and Art installation. The Pirainia concept has now evolved into much bigger Art Spaces, Theme Camps, Food Stalls and even its own Outdoor Tribal Gathering!

Pirotechnics Events newest concept of Captain Palette came to be in 2014 @ Genral Store & co as a weekly Arts Hub with its own Palette Gallery Space! In 2015 Captain Palette changed from being a weekly Art Hub and instead did 3 bigger special events.

So after 10 years of epic fun, 2016 is here and on March 18th Pirotechnics events will celebrate with a Captain Palette Extravaganza!

More info coming soon!

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